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In 2017, the UK began negotiating the terms of the Brexit deal. Before anything could be negotiated, however, several issues needed to be ratified. The first phase was reported widely by British and foreign media outlets as nothing other than a shambles, with ministers from both the UK government and the European Union releasing often contradictory statements. Each week gave rise to new theories, criticisms, and open condemnation of the process.

What Next?

The next 12 months

Over the course of the next 12 months, Inspire EU will be meeting with a selection of the UK’s most well established Pro-EU groups. The aim of this is to grow support for Inspire EU and to find volunteers, fundraise and sign up groups for our awareness campaign. 

There is little over 1 year remaining before the negotiation period established in Article 50 ends, leaving barely any time to properly debate #Brexit. Our aim is to ensure we know more about what our membership includes, what will happen if we leave, and how we can combat the spread of misinformation, and the grip it holds on this topic.

That is why we will be organising a series of high-level events across London, with the aim of educating and debating in a nuanced fashion. We will be inviting senior political figures, public speakers, campaign groups and campaigners to join us, providing a platform for discussion, for debate and for networking. More information can be found on our upcoming events HERE.

Inspire EU, in a nutshell.

We are Inspire EU, a new Pro-EU organisation dedicated to forming cohesion across the Pro-EU network, whilst organising events and meetings, creating digital content and pressuring ministers.

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